i am monochro m a n i a c. the syndrom of being obsessed with the monochrome style. which is, usually, ‘a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour’. but. here i am talking about style, as in clothing. i mean, i would make all my pictures black and white but when the light is as beautiful as here, it’d be a shame. now let me tell you about these bottoms. comfortable, classy, celebrating the monochromatic b&w in such a stylish way, with graphics emphasizing my curves. this is the best description I could do, to be honest.

just so you know, i am currently in Doha, Qatar.

je suis monochro m a n e. atteinte du syndrôme du monochrome. qui est, en réalité, une photo ou image développée ou travaillée en noir et blanc ou autres tons d’une même couleur. mais. ici je parle style. enfin, j’aimerais bien que toutes mes photos soient en noir et blanc mais quand la lumière est aussi belle que là, ce ne serait plus intéressant. ou moins. bref, laissez moi vous parler de mon genre de sarrouel taille-haute super cool. comfortable, élégant, il est conçu de façon stylé à ce que le monochromatique graphique du noir et blanc joue avec mes formes. la meilleure description que j’ai pu faire…

juste pour que vous le sachez, je suis actuellement à Doha, au Qatar.

top & bottoms.

heels. forever21

sunglasses. iam


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  1. Julia June 8, 2014

    I’m loving this style, it suits you well. Referring to your words about accentuating your curves, I wanted to ask if you had any tips for petite girls on ways to dress to emphasize curves? Although I am 22, I often get mistaken for 15 because I have no curves at all, no matter how much I desire to have them 🙁

    • Luna Attar June 8, 2014

      Hi Julia!
      Indeed, I have the same issues as I’m very petite as well. I got to “learn” to emphasize my curves regarding my style, so I’ll share some tips in a new post for every petite girl like us 😉
      L x


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