(Gluten-Free) Choco-Banana Protein Pancakes



i recently posted a photo of my delish protein pancakes on twitter and have been asked for the recipe.

there’s a little story behind my pancakes: first, i avoid eating gluten as much as possible, so i wanted to make pancakes without wheat flour but that taste the same as if there was. second thing is, i researched protein pancakes recipes and each of them had unknown ingredients or ingredients i don’t necessarily have at home, etc. so i decided to create my own recipe, with what i always have in my kitchen.


– 2 tablespoons protein powder (soy, whey, anything)

– 1 (big) tablespoon cocoa powder (unless your protein powder is already flavoured with chocolate)

– 2 tablespoons buckwheat flour

– 2 eggs (slightly blended with a fork)

– 1 mashed banana

– 1/2 glass of milk or more if needed


basically… mix up all the ingredients, using a blender or put everything in a bowl and blend as you like. then pour the preparation on a pancake pan (preferably), use a big spoon in order to get a nice and thick pancake.

enjoy your pancakes with some organic maple syrup and slices of banana or other fruits such as berries.

perfect breakfast to fill you up for the whole morning and get ready to hit the gym! it’s even good just for your daily protein intake.

photo2 (2)love from luna’s kitchen


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