As Free as my Nike

I used to think “I need a leather skirt” but never bought one.  But every time a girl was wearing a leather skirt I thought it looked really sexy, although I was not picturing myself having one. At all. Well, now that I FINALLY got one, I don’t regret it, and that skirt – surprisingly – matches my style. It goes with everything, especially with my crop tops (those who know me well are aware of my addiction to crop tops). Oh also, have I ever shown you my favourite Nike trainers on earth?? So simple, yet so perfect. They go with any outfit, they’re comfortable, and – well – they’re Nike Free Run.




_MG_5411– outfit details in the previous outfit post –

_MG_5557 copybw

ph: Thomas Van Cam


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Svea September 19, 2014

    Hello Luna. I hope it doesn’t seem like an odd comment, but can I ask you about your diet and workout routine? I’ve always been too thin at 5’2 and 90 lbs. Sadly, many have also judged me for it many times so it is a big insecurity for me. You look very petite yourself so I’ve always found some sort of confidence and inspiration from your photos…like a reminder to myself that you can be petite and still be beautiful. I’m a bit thinner than you (at least it appears like that based from your photos) with no curves and the skinniest, gross legs 🙁 My goal is to look like your size. Do you have any advices, ideas, tips, words, etc. for this? I hope you are ok with this comment, as I know it can be sensitive topic. You can delete if you want. Hope to hear from you, please. Have great day.

    • Luna Attar September 19, 2014

      Hi Svea,
      No I think it’s great that you actually talk about this quite openly. And don’t worry, I don’t take personally at all ahah! Well, to be honest, there was a time where I was very skinny, last year actually. But I had a lot of health issues and I was very ill. I have only started to gain a bit of weight and get a normal size (for my height) last February. Indeed, it is not easy and people usually don’t understand our case. I have always eaten really healthy, and obviously since my illness got sorted out I allowed myself to eat guilty foods I love, such as fries or chocolate. Thing is, I have a fast metabolism so I don’t think I’ll ever get fat, although I still am careful with what I eat. There is no real remedy, but just enjoy life, and food is part of it. Another thing I would suggest you to do is to do sports. I love fitness and I do a lot of sports, it helped me to get a bit of muscles (obviously I am not saying I am bulky and that is not my point haha) but some abs and leg workout can always help in order to gain a bit of weight without gaining fat. I drink protein shakes twice a week and I try to eat as much iron / zinc as possible (also because of my health issues). Try these little tips, and if ever you still feel uncomfortable about this, I’d suggest you to see a nutrionist or fitness trainer. It always helps to get different advices!
      Thanks for your comment hun, I hope it helped? Let me know if you have any question, you can even let me a message on the contact page.
      Have a great day too love!
      L x

  2. Svea September 19, 2014

    Oh great, thank you so much for response. It is very helpful to me, I thank you. I’m very sorry to hear about the health issues, but I am happy for you that you have started to become more healthy. You are very right, many people do not understand our case. I have half the people calling me anorexic and another half telling me I’,m too lucky to be so skinny and should never complain. 🙁 However, I thank you again for your tips and will definitely try it, ok!

    One last question (again only if it is not too personal, don’t feel the need to answer) but what is your height and weight? And what do you consider healthy weight for your height? Sometimes it help me to get a better understanding of where I need to be (as far as weight). Although I know every body type is different. Thank u!

    • Luna Attar September 20, 2014

      No worries, I totally understand and I am glad you asked me. Thank you! Yes it’s defo a relief now.

      So I am probably 5’1 and 90 lbs. I am not too skinny, I’d say that everything is proportional and I have enough muscles in my legs, bum and abs to look like a normal size for my height. I believe it’s beautiful to be fit and have a bit of curves, like hips and “bubble butt” ahah.

      Let me know where you at and everything once you started this whole new diet/workout you’ll do!

      L x

  3. Samantha Molina September 22, 2014

    Hola Luna! what have you’ve been up to? You say you will post certain things and never followe through with it… how to add pastel color to hair? your exciting collaboration with your friend and introducing men’s fashion? having a sales of your clothes? As a blogger, u should not make this promises unless you mean it, else your readers will lose interest of your blog . Also, if you say you will post about something , it shouldn’t mean months later … if you say you will post it soon, just do it like within a week or something ! 🙂

    • Luna Attar September 22, 2014

      Hi Samantha,
      Yes that is very true. The paster color hair article was supposed to come up with a video but I lost everything on my camera a few weeks ago so I’ll try to do it again and show you how to do it. My friend I was supposed to work with has just gone to Hong Kong. Indeed I forgot to mention it, I am sorry about that. I felt a bit let down so I preferred avoid talking about this.
      This comment makes me realise that some people like you do have interest in my blog and I should seriously keep my promises! I am sorry about all that, things just come up all the time. Thanks for your comment though 🙂 x


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