Beauty secret: No More Pore

Hi beautiful people! Today’s beauty secret is all about PORES. Pores – these sort of little clogs that look like craters as though your face was the moon, except that it doesn’t glow – they are, as you understood, girls’ nightmare. I have been asked several times how I take care of my skin, but I have only just discovered these Soap & Glory products that I have been using for 2 weeks.

Soap & Glory has a bunch of different cosmetics for different type of skins, etc. After summer, the bad eating habits, as well as being back to the city, my skin was not so glow anymore and my pores became a bit more visible. So I looked for a cream that open the pores and got to discover the Fab Pore moisture lotion and the No Clogs Allowed deep pore detox mask by Soap & Glory, available at Boots (for those who live in the UK). The mask is self-heating, how cool? It sounds silly but I was very excited to try it! And honestly? It does work. You just have to massage the texture on your face and then comes a sensation of heat as though every pore was being burnt off. To be honest, my skin was soft and looked brighter the day after. I followed this with the moisture face lotion that I use everyday. NB: the mask is to be used once a week, only.

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  1. MANDY September 28, 2014

    OH THANK GOD you did this post, I’m not sure why but all of a sudden my pores have also became 100x more visible, so annoying, will defo have to try it! Btw, how do you write on the photos like that? Is it an app for that?

    • Luna Attar September 28, 2014

      Hi Mandy! Haha I guess the pores appear even more after summer, with the change of the weather etc. Luckily some products are here to help ahah!
      Oh, I use Photoshop 🙂 x


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