Video: my everyday summer make up

Hey beautiful people! Since I have had requests on how I do my everyday makeup, I decided to show you how I do it for summer – which I’ve recently been wearing on my Instagram. Just so you know, I don’t wear foundation during summer because I just feel disgusted by it: when it melts on your skin, when heat spots grow under it… yeah it’s gross. I would really appreciate to have your opinion on this new YouTube thing that I am getting into. I hope you enjoy the videos and the more thumbs up I will have, the more I…


Video: Summer Lookbook

Finally a cool outfit video! This is a little summer lookbook in which I show 3 different outfits, but of course, I would love to show you more if you like this type of video.  Please, let me know what you think. Lots of love and warm kisses. Eh oui! Enfin une nouvelle vidéo “mode”. Voici mon loobook de l’été dans lequel je présente (seulement) 3 styles et tenues mais d’autres sont à venir, bien sûr. Qu’en pensez-vous? Je pense faire plus de vidéos comme celle-ci si elle vous plait. Je vous envoie du love et de bisous chauds.


La Vie en Jaune

Yes, a new post, new logo, new hair. Hallelujah. And guess what? I am done with uni, I have free time and I will be posting waaaay more often. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I have been so busy for the past 8 months because of uni assignments, my final major project, my dissertation, and the list goes on. So here I go again! As you have probably noticed, I am not in London anymore. I mean, even Portobello Road does not have as huge colourful walls as those. Well, I am in Doha, in Qatar. Why? Because my…


Watch: How I dyed my hair purple

So I made a video on how I dip-dyed my hair purple. I went crazy and thought why not having a purple tie and dye since my hair had a blonde ombré. I am happily surprised with the results as it came out being a really nice colour! I hope you guys like the video and let me know if you want to see more tutorials  L x follow me on instagram @lunaattar  



Hey guys! My friend Lauren and I decided to do the Best Friend Tag – a sort of “theme” for YouTubers that has been done a million times – since I realised that I was not myself in the previous videos I did, I looked shy and not comfortable in front of the camera. This video is to get know me and who I really am. I’m so happy I got to do this with Lauren, she’s so fun and I love her to bits. Besides being fun, this video also reveals some secrets about us… 😉 Enjoy! P.S: Feel free to suscribe…


Video: Glowing Skin Foundation & Contouring Routine

Hello bunnies, I’ve been asked many, many times how I do my foundation and how I get than tan look, so here you go! I thought that making a video was much easier and fun. It is my first makeup video EVER so, please, don’t be too judgy – ahah. Let me know if you enjoyed watching this video and if you want me to show you any other makeup/hair tutorial. You better watch it in HD! Lots of love, Luna x   Products: Nuxe – Moisturizing Tinted Cream Rimmel – Wake Me Up Concealer L’Oréal – Perfect Skin Foundation L’Oréal…


White on white

Today, I’m taking you to this sunny street of Kensington where a lovely Spring weather has taken over the city. To celebrate the first days of Printemps, I’m wearing the classic white-on-white outfit. When I first saw this white coat, I thought “ooh so classy” but once I bought it I realised it was not that easy to wear. I also ‘found out’ that I don’t actually have any black coat appart from my leather jackets – haha. But I like having a stand-out piece in my outfits anyway so this white coat definitely suits my style. Also, I adopted a sort of beach/messy…

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